Specialty Products

Axiom Specialty Products Bring out the best in your plants. They are working with the plant’s natural processes to keep it out of stress and exceed growing expectations. Each product is formulated to achieve specific goals that are unmatched by traditional products.

Atlas is our flagship product. Atlas is loaded with bacteria, yeast and fungi to increase the biological activity of your soil anytime throughout the year. Atlas improves soil structure, stimulates plant productivity and increases nutrient availability.

Opti-Bloom is an all in one bloom spray that contains both nutrients and other essential plant supplements to ensure your plant has everything it needs to complete the pollination process.

Expand provides biological plant growth cytokinins, triggering the plant to start cell division. Expand also provides the nano nutrients needed to ensure rapid cell division takes place.

Finale is a complexed phosphite fertilizer that provides a tremendous amount of energy to the plant. Finale stimulates plant ISR and SAR systems to work against soil and plant pathogens.

Thrive is a foliar that creates a biofilm around the plant. Increase plant respiration, mitigating heat stress and increasing the efficiency of foliar nutrient while simultaneously creating an antagonistic environment for plant pests.

Mulcher breaks down heavy wooded material. It is a crucial component of whole orchard recycling projects, helping to balancing the C:N ratio and convert raw organic matter into available nutrients

Flocculator is a soil penetrant that packs a punch. Increasing water penetration and improving soil structure through increased microbial activity and polymer productions.


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